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PawAbility is your one-stop shop for dog-related information.

Our mission

Welcome to PawAbility – your science-backed resource for extensive information & knowledge about dogs. It is our ambition to help you overcome challenges most dog owners know little about. We want you to enjoy the benefits of dog ownership and help your pooch to enjoy his life to the fullest.

On PawAbility, you will find numerous topics related to dog care, looked at from a new angle. Facilitating our experience, knowledge and answers from science, we strive to provide contemporary findings, and include opinions from specialists. It is our mission to pass on this informational advantage to you.

Our goal is to break down complex topics into easily comprehensible information, straight to the point.

We are convinced that good knowledge should be freely accessible. We want fellow canine owners to have broad knowledge about various topics concerning your dog’s wellbeing.

We attach great importance to providing you with the knowledge you need to give your pup a great life.

Our Aspiration: Precise Information

We are a small, passionate collective of dog lovers that has decided to take things a little further. We noticed that there is a lot of informational content on the internet that covers a variety of randomized topics with poor article depth, flawed information, and little reference to where the advice actually comes from.

We dedicate every article on PawAbility to specific topics filled with thoroughly-researched, and tailored information. Find more about how we achieve to deliver accurate information to you:

  • Experience. Every published article by our team is written, fact-checked, reviewed, and corrected by an experienced dog owner and/or a professional. That includes roles such as dog trainers, kennel staff, veterinarians, and pet-care staff.
  • Backed Up By Science. Wherever possible, we link to credible sources or include science papers, studies, and trials from veterinarian journals. If applicable, we provide you with a dedicated source section for you to verify related information. Open access and free information is key to give any dog a better life.
  • Dedicated Review Process. Before being published, our content is peer-reviewed by our staff. That means we independently read through other authors’ publications, double-check the content for correctness, and verify its meaningfulness.

We sincerely hope that these principles contribute to forming your own opinion. After all, we want PawAbility to be a resource that serves the reader and is beneficial to our canine friends.

Medical Disclaimer

Although we strive to do our best to fact to provide you with safe advice, please note that all content on PawAbility is not intended to be used as alternative to professional veterinarian treatment, diagnosis, or advice. If you have any questions regarding your dog’s health or his medical condition, always consult with your veterinarian. As much as we love factual approaches, we urge you to never neglect or fail to apply professional advice from either veterinarians or pet-care professionals.


PawAbility is a small and independent collective. Because we serve no major organization, we can openly and freely research about the topics we provide to you. We want to serve our readers and create a trustful platform. Hence, we are trying to fund our expenses through the following means:

Affiliate Disclosure

If we mention or provide information about a product, we do so freely. We do not act against our readers’ interest, because we believe that good products are worth sharing.

Information about useful products needs to be transparently provided. Hence, when you look at an article that features a product, you will notice throughout the lines that we aim to create an unbiased, balanced picture.

One of our most important principles is to include trustworthy sources. That means that only some links you find on PawAbility are affiliate links. However, we do let you know that a link may lead to an affiliate website. What does this mean for you?

An affiliate link is simply essentially a link that includes a reference to our website. If (and only if) you make a purchase on a website that we referred to, we will receive a small commission. The way this is works is that we basically tell the website you bought the product from: ‘Hey! Your customer found this item through us!’.

The good thing about this: Neither you nor us need to cover for that because the shop gives us a fraction of what they earned. You have no additional cost from clicking on an affiliate link and buying a product, and the price remains the same.

By using an affiliate link, you actually support our mission without giving us anything (except your time). We will never link to any product that has been proven to be disadvantageous to your dog. That goes against our principles.

PawAbility: Meet The Team

Tom Woodstorm

Tom Woodstorm started PawAbility. With several years of experience in the field serving in a dog shelter, he’s got to know a great deal about dogs, especially their behavior. He loves to share his expertise.

Milo Mayer

Milo Mayer is passionate about dogs. Besides being a dog handler, Milo is interested in the dietary aspects of dog food. She loves the great outdoors and supports PawAbility in terms of dog training and nutrition.

Are you interested in joining our journey? Reach out to us!

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